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Interdevelop is a service company specialized in high level technical assistance which does much of its business in the oil & gas industry.

Today, our recognized experience in this cutting edge industry is a platform from which we now provide other industries with the same world class skills: mining, industries related to other forms of energy and more generally all activities where human skills are the keystone to success.

In all geosciences sectors and in project engineering, wherever you need to study new projects and design new installations, implement a serious HSEQ policy, wherever you need to evaluate new prospects, develop and optimize, to acquire new datas, organise their treatment and analysis, Interdevelop steps in to deliver the best people, methods and skills, not to mention our field experience.

Taking every load off
your shoulders

Our field assistance actually begins in your offices.
When outsourcing your projects to our teams, you are off-loading each and every problem of people management and administrative red tape such as visas, medical certificates, transport, accommodation, insurance, contract management, social welfare and legal protection.
In fact, we bring more than technical assistance, we actually see your projects through to fruition, as effectively as if you had done the job yourself.